Custom Ribbon Wristband & Keychain

These customized ribbons have many uses. Moreover, an event, security, or identification ribbon wristband with a single-use locking enclosure or a removable closure customized (typically used for promotional or cause-related activities), however, for the customized Ribbon keychain for a promotional and decorative keychain.

Thus, these promotional ribbons are ideal for organizers who want to use sublimated or woven cloth in full colour to make a significant impact.

Ribbon Wristband

customized ribbons

Parties, marriages, guests, celebrations, clubs, and musical concerts are all open to the public. Furthermore, A unique ID is required for all access, entry, and activity signs.

Event promotional ribbon wristbands made of soft polyester with full-colour sublimation printing on one side. There are two widths to choose from: 10 mm and 15 mm and two clamp/clip options—adjustable clamp made of plastic or metal.

Ribbon Keychain

Promotional ribbon keyrings are customized on the front and back using sublimation printing. Moreover, ribbons come in several colours and are attached to a key ring in various ways.

Customized ribbons of Different Colors Thin, the ribbed polyester fabric used to make this promotional keychain. Moreover, you can print one side of the ribbon in whatever colour you choose. In this case, the ribbon is 15 by 150 mm wide.