Customized Dri-fit Shirts

Our customized dri-fit shirts are printable. They are available with a sublimation printing feature. Only 100% polyester clothing. Furthermore, our Dri-Fit shirt is suitable for dye sublimation. Yoi can creat full color image with sublimation at no additional cost. However, Dye Sublimation inks immerse into the cloths of the garments, giving the decoration a “soft feel.” Sublimation printing permanently fused to the substrate. Moreover, In contrast to transfer paper, the finished product is virtually invisible, impervious to scratches, and guaranteed to retain its colour for the product’s life. In addition, sublimation printing will remain on your garment for a long duration of time.

Customized Dri-fit Shirts

Customized Dri-FIT shirts polyester fabric is extremely sweat-wicking. The microfibers in promotional Dri-Fit shirts wick away sweat quickly, allowing it to evaporate more quickly. Moreover, promotional Dri-FIT shirts work best as a base layer or independently. These shirts can stretch to fit any body type. Furthermore, customized Dri-fit shirts are mostly used in sports. This is due to its inherent ability to boost the wearer’s efficiency. A lightweight shirt makes moving and participating in sports easier.

Customized Dri-fit Polo Shirts

Despite its simplicity, the customized Dri-fit shirt has remained a classic over the years. It is a type of shirt with a collar, two or three buttons on the neck, and a pocket that can be added. Comfortable and semi-professional, the promotional Dri-fit shirt is a staple in the corporate world because it is casual and professional. You can embroider your logo on a customized Dti-fit shirt simply and effectively.

Benefits of Sublimation Dri-Fits

The Most Comfortable Feel. 

Dye Sublimation inks penetrate the fabric, thus creating a soft feel to the decoration.

Bright, Long-Lasting Colors

Sublimation printing gives garments a bright appearance. Moreover,the colours of sublimation will last for a long duration.

High-Performance Durability

Because the ink chemically bound to the material, it won't scratch or scrape off the surface of the thing . That makes graphics that are long-lasting and easy to reuse.

No Printing Limitations

It has a wide range of colours. You can get a lot of different colours with sublimation printing. When you add a new colour scheme to your design, your garments look more attractive.

Exceptional Value for your Money

Sublimation printing is great for small lines and details, and it's one of the best ways to print all over, with low start-up costs. Moreover, it is available at a low cost saves your money.

Our Order Process

Design Your Apparel

Send us your idea or concept and our designers will work with you to create your ideal custom sublimation design. If you already have a finished design on Adobe Illustrator, even better for faster quoting.

Confirm your order

Once you’re happy with your design, Confirm your quantity, and place your order for custom sublimation shirts! We’re proud to offer the lowest prices on the market.

Request for a Price Quote

Next step of ordering process is by requesting a price quote from us. Here we’ll answer any questions you have and make sure that we can deliver an exceptional finished custom sublimation shirts for your needs.

Production & Delivery

You can expect to receive your delivery within the discussed date while placing your order. However, if you need your apparel sooner, we can work with you to expedite the process.